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Family Dentistry

Millennium Smiles provides comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages serving Frisco, TX, Little Elm and many local communities. Highly trained and skilled Dr. Dunia Korous offers years of experience with patients of all ages and the common dental health concerns associated with each phase of life.

Family dentistry enables today’s busy families to receive all of their dental care under one roof. It also provides the opportunity for parents and caregivers to model healthy oral habits for their young children. Dr. Korous offers a range of dental services needed for growing smiles as well as restorative and cosmetic treatments to address problems or concerns for teen and adult patients.

We recommend that children come in for their first preventive care visit by the age of 3, when all primary teeth have erupted. Dr. Korous and her team enjoy treating young patients and helping them to learn the benefits of a clean and healthy smile. As children grow, Dr.Korous will educate your children on oral hygiene practices such as effective tooth brushing and flossing. They also teach the benefits of a healthy and nutritious diet, emphasizing how this affects both oral and overall health.

Family Dental Services in Frisco, TX

Keeping your family smiling comfortably is easy with comprehensive dental services at Millennium Smiles:

Routine dental care from an early age enables Dr. Korous to monitor your child’s oral health, spot problems early and avoid the possibility of complex problems down the road.

Preventing Tooth Decay In Children

Tooth decay and cavities are one of the most common childhood health concerns today. Often the result of a combination of factors, patient education and regular visits with us can play a key role in reducing the incidence of cavities in young patients.

A healthy diet with limited added sugars also has an impact on the health of your child’s teeth. Fast food, sugary drinks and snacks and hidden sugars in our diet can have a direct affect on oral health, providing the perfect environment for harmful bacteria in the mouth. Rinsing your young child’s mouth with water after meals or snacks can help to remove bacteria remaining on the surface of the teeth or gums.

Eating habits can also affect oral health: sipping sugary drinks for an extended period of time as well as sucking on candies allows sugar to remain on tooth surfaces and enables the growth of harmful bacteria.


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