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Dental Crown

Same Day Crowns in Frisco, TX

A dental crown is one of the most common treatments recommended today because of its ability to restore and strengthen a natural tooth for a range of dental health needs. At Millennium

Before picture of a same day crown in Frisco, TX


Smiles in Frisco, TX, the advanced materials and techniques used will provide natural looking and lasting results.

Same Day Dental Crowns: What To Expect

Dedicated to helping patients receive the highest standard of dental care, Dr. Dunia Korous has incorporated some of the latest technology into her practice. CEREC is a CAD/CAM system for designing and milling in office dental restorations with a high degree of accuracy and high quality materials. Your procedure will begin with comfortable, digital impressions of the area to be treated which we will use to design and fabricate your custom fit and color matched crown.

After showing patient’s new dental crown made in our Frisco office using same-day CEREC technology.

While you wait for your same-day crown, we’ll provide you with lunch or breakfast at our office.

To prepare the tooth for the dental crown, Dr. Korous will carefully remove a minimal amount of tooth structure for attaching the crown and addressing any dental or cosmetic concerns being treated. Digital imaging will be used to custom mill your dental crown while you wait. We will permanently secure your restoration and make any adjustments needed for a comfortable fit.

Dental crowns will last for many years with proper dental hygiene and routine care. During routine visits with Dr. Korous at her Frisco dentist office, she will monitor your dental restorations, looking for any signs of wear or damage that can be easily repaired.

Porcelain Crowns


After showing the natural-looking dental crown made using our same-day dentistry CEREC equipment. Patients enjoy either breakfast or lunch while we custom-make their crowns at our office.


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